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Give your customers an unique experience with the Touch Thailand Intelligent Software Solutions, and increase in-house sales with up to 40%.

Our software brings service and branding instantly with a touch of convenience. Contact us for a demo today, or click the image to try our online demo.

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The Touch Thailand software is developed to be a tailor made solution, assisting your hotel, resort or guesthouse to serve your customers’ needs 24 hours a day, replacing your dusty hotel handbook with a tablet.

Social WiFi

Most guests demands free Wi-Fi as the use of smartphones and tablets has increased over the past years. Whether you are managing a hotel, a restaurant or a bar - free Wi-Fi is important. We can provide the perfect solution.

42" Touch Screen

The 42" Touch screen is an amazing eye catcher. This is the easy way to display promotions, Interactive maps, newspapers, properties, videos and get your guests attention.


We provide state of the art tablets with custom made software made specifically for the customer service oriented hotel or resort.

Menu Software

With our Touch menu software, you can update your menus, create promotions, and “play-with-prices”, without having to design, print and change papers.

The Waiter Button

With our solution, your staff will instantly know what service your guest requires, - whether it is time to present the bill, or make an additional order.

Hotel managers

As a hotel manager we believe you continuously are looking to satisfy your guest, increase your revenue and cut unnecessary cost. We have experience as hotel managers ourselves, and this is the reason we developed our product line. We have very good experience using our own products, and we want to share our knowledge with you.

Restaurant & bars

Increase your revenue and cut unnecessary cost. And not least, - understand what is happening.
We do not believe our products are for everyone. Some businesses are too small to benefit, but we believe any restaurant with more than 15 tables can get more sales using one or more of our products.

Real estate agents

One can argue that 3000 THB per month, is a lot of money. It is not. Think about that even ONE rental will pay more than the cost. Then imagine what just one sale will do.
Now you already spend time and effort of getting these great pictures, the updated information of the properties – then what?. With the 42” Touch screen you can meet your customer even on the street. Place it outside your office, as most people don’t like to go inside to listen to sales pitches. Let them browse these great pictures, and find exactly what they are looking for in a stress free situation. This is without doubt the best promotion 3000 THB can get you.


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